Christianity vs Radical Islam Part 2


Shalom! Welcome to the Israel United In Christ Podcast.

This is Episode #2.

Show Notes will soon be available so be sure to keep checking back.

145 comments on Christianity vs Radical Islam Part 2

  1. Tobiyah Jahkim Israel says:

    WOW this is the best Podcast show ever… Thank you and all praises to the Highest for the edification!

    1. daniel ben israel says:

      Wow! All praises to the most high

  2. Tobias Jahkim Israel says:

    Wow, great Podcast! All praises to the Highest!

  3. Christ said the truth shall set you free, it’s time for you to learn the truth. The truth about the hatred that so-called blacks, latinos & native americans have experienced at the hands of so-called whites. It’s time to learn the truth that all of the violence displayed to us was prophesied to be upon us in the scriptures for breaking God’s laws. I thank God for I.U.I.C. standing up & teaching the truth about American & Biblical history. I love these podcasts.

  4. Chayil says:

    All praises to the most high for revealing thiis Truth

  5. Yaffa Nephesh Baht Israel says:

    All praises.I appreciate the word coming out, can’t wait until part 3.

  6. All praises this word is going forward and cannot be stopped

  7. Gidron Judah Israel says:


  8. Issachar says:

    All praises to TMH. … love this TRUTH !

  9. Rickjamesbeeoch says:

    Reading a Bible and Understanding it are two different things, We are Israelites, and Christianity is of the Devil

  10. Adaliyah Baht Israel says:

    All praises for a new venue to get the word out! Can’t wait for the notes!

  11. Jonathan Caleb Ben Israel says:

    Thank God for IUIC pushing the truth of God like it has never been done in this generation. Hallelujah.

  12. Laviel Israel says:

    Today is the day you learn the Truth of the Bible. Set yourself free you children of the slave trade!

  13. Yada Israel says:

    Wow! You cant get this knowledge from no churches.

  14. Josiah says:

    Great lesson, need part 3

  15. Lemek says:

    Great episode

  16. Azariyah N. Ben Israel says:

    Deutwronomy 28:64 is a banger. The wood being Christianity (cross) and stone being Islam (kaaba). The Bishop brought fire out in Pt. 2! Can’t wait till Pt. 3…this is infinitely better than effeminate Joel Olstein.

  17. Zakkiyah says:

    All praises!

    1. Mike Lewis says:

      All praises to the Most High GOD in Christ the so called blacks , hispanics,native american are the Israelites of the bible

  18. Officer Amariah Ben Israel says:

    Yet another edifying lesson. The truth is being pushed in the earth with IUIC at the forefront. All praises to the Most High in Christ!

  19. Tiffara Israel says:

    All Praises!

  20. Eliana Kefira Israel says:

    John 8:32King James Version (KJV)

    32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
    All raises!

  21. Lemuel Ben Israel says:

    Grest teaching from the Leaders of IUIC, All Praises to The Most High and His Son Jesus the Christ!!!

  22. Zakar Eleazar Ben Israel says:

    All praises! Part 2. This is the true knowledge our people need

  23. Azariah baht israel says:

    All praises.I’ve seen this video. This system is setup to see us fail, we gotta prove them wrong

  24. kaleb ben israel says:

    John 8:32

  25. Tirtsah Baht Israel says:

    All praises for the truth finally coming out in these last days!

    1. deborah baht israel says:

      All praises! U dont know scripture or understand til uv been taught correctly….by the IUIC prophets of the lord!

  26. Sarah (House of Ofc. Marataza ) says:

    All praises to the most High! !

  27. Soldier arye ben israel says:

    We are the israelites gods chosen people and it’s our time to wake up the nation of israel. Iuic doing big things to push this truth. All praises to the most high.

  28. Habakkuk Ben Israel says:

    So called blacks, hispanics and native Indians must wake up and keep the commandments of God you are the Israelites

  29. Erel Ben Israel says:

    All Praises to the Most High God that we are able to learn from true Men of God. After years of listening to prosperity doctrines and we can all get along sermons… There is finally a way to learn the Word the way God intended it to be learned. Precept upon precept and not watered down with feelings and feel good words.

  30. All praises double honors to the bishops! All praises to the most high for his work!!! Shalom family

  31. kabash amath says:

    All praises the Truth is here.

  32. Karin Israel says:

    All praises, I am looking forward to seeing more

  33. Gabriel Ben Israel says:

    Good teaching. all praises to the Most High for this truth

  34. Amoz Israel says:

    All praises to the Most High

  35. jahkim Isreal says:

    Bin waiting for teaching like this for years ..keep it up brothers..can’t wait for the next one .
    A topic suggestions would be ‘ Breaking the spell of the illuminati in the music industry and on the Internet, many young heads can’t wait for that.
    casting Down that imagination .but keep the laws of God pushed and bless u teachers

  36. Uriah Judah says:

    Truth for the soul

  37. miykael ben israel says:

    Great show this is the truth i needed in my life

  38. The arms of the Most High are not short that they cannot save the nation of Israel(the so-called Blacks,Native Americans and Hispanics). By any means necessary!

  39. Cpt. Shem says:

    Another excellent episode! The History of White American Terrorism is real! They used WW1 planes to attack (BOMB) a civilian town of our people. The Federal, State, and Local governments are supposed to protect it’s citizens! This proves we were not citizens then, nor our we now Mike Brown (just one example).

    All praises to the Most High God for this information! This is the Truth! If you were ever confused about who are the Biblical Israelites of today this episode undeniably prove who we are based upon the atrocities (Deuteronomy 28vs. 15-68). I need more episodes! I sat in the Christian church for 18 years and NEVER heard the Bible taught like this! Every so-called African American, Hispanic & Native American needs this information NOW.

  40. Lagabawar Ben Israel says:

    All praises to the most high another excellent teaching.

  41. Zerubbabel says:

    If you assent to get true understanding of history and prophecy there is no other place than IUIC podcast. The most powerful book in the world is being taught the right way by the real Israelites.

    1. Zerubbabel says:


  42. Navah Baht Israel says:

    All praises to The Most High! Just what I needed!

  43. All Praises to TMH for another edifying episode of truth!

  44. jude israel says:

    All praises, the truth spreading out Israel waking up. Keep pushing this work, IUIC

  45. Nehemiah Loshem says:

    All praises to TMH. The truth shall make you free. JOHN 8:32

  46. David Ben Israel says:

    All praises! The word rightly divided! And expounding information to make sense of it all in these times.

  47. Mark Morris says:

    Shalom MHNCB. ..he didn’t do it. .the white man wanna mess up is reputation. young kids today will not look up to him. ..

  48. Azma Israel says:

    Romans 8:16 in full effect! We are the chosen people of the Most High! Zephaniah 2:1! All praises!

  49. Kezia Baht Israel says:

    All praises to the most high!! I love this truth!

  50. Asah Ben Israel says:

    Shalom Brothers and sisters this is such a beautiful thing. All praises to the Most High our leadership is handling the lords work at a powerful rate.

  51. Aminah says:

    Excellent! Very edifying

  52. Karataza Ben Israel says:

    Here’s another excellent lesson that’s well put together and made easy to understand. The message of the Bible can now be easily understood. All praises.

  53. This is great! Episode 2! All praises Israel United in Christ pushing this Truth out!!

  54. gabriella Baht Israel says:

    All praises to TMH for allowing I.U.I.C to have this podcast. I enjoy being able to download these lessons since I don’t have that much internet. Double honours to the Elders, Deacons, captain’s, officers and soilders

  55. Elizabeth Adara Baht Israel says:

    No “sermons” with Israel United in Christ – this is knowledge that edifies the mind as well as the soul.

  56. Ya'wanatan BL Israel says:

    ALL PRAISES to the MOST HIGH! this podcast is gonna grow rapidly so that the Lord’s word may go out all day everyday!! Double honors to our bishops, salute to the whole body of Israel Mhncb

  57. Ya'aqob Rizpah says:

    It’s truly a blessing to hear the scriptures read and delivered in the manner it was intended to be. This is the reviving of greatest on the planet, don’t bypass this much sought after knowledge.

  58. Gabriella Benjamin Isael says:

    Loving these vids! Keep em coming Israel! MHNCBU!

  59. Amalya Baht Israel says:

    All Praises for another great lesson.

  60. Jeiel Ben Israel says:

    Bishop is going in!!! All praises to The Most High!!!!!!!!

  61. All praises to the Most High for another Avenue to spread this truth throughout the four corners of the earth.

  62. Sistersteph (House of Enoch) says:

    Bless be the Lord God of Israel for this Truth! I had my questions, answered. Let God be true. Amen!

  63. Zimra says:

    All praises. Great class

  64. Shemaiah Ben Israel says:

    Great Lesson.. Israel United In Christ bringing the truth to you like it’s never been done before.. All Praises to the Most High

  65. Thank you for informing the people to be mindful of the crafty WHITE SOCIETY TACTICS …much needed and appreciated… please continue the episodes!!

  66. Antonio says:

    All praise to the Most High Great podcast this is a great way to spread the truth to all our family far and near

  67. Capt. Yadon says:

    Our people are lost sleep going up and down looking for hope … look no more come back to The Bible.

  68. Jeshurun Israel says:

    The children of Edom are the original terrorists in the Bible. Jeremiah 49:[16] Thy terribleness hath deceived thee, and the pride of thine heart, O thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock, that holdest the height of the hill: though thou shouldest make thy nest as high as the eagle, I will bring thee down from thence, saith the LORD.

  69. Tuviah Ben Israel says:

    All praises to The Most High for another avenue to get the truth out! The growth is a beautiful thing.

  70. Learning how destructive Christianity is….Always knew something was missing in the churches. All praises to TMH for understanding & truth!

  71. Ahnasha Israel says:

    All praises.

  72. Uriyah Israel says:

    The best you can find anywhere. The truth shall set you free. Most High and Christ Bless!!

  73. Semaiah Israel says:

    All Praises to the Most High, for IUIC. Now we may finally have our eyes opened to the TRUTH!

  74. Soldier Eliyah Ben Israel says:

    All Praises to The Most High this Truth is growing!! We will reach the lost of our people with the good news!!

  75. Jade Baht Israel(House of Soldier Eliyah) says:

    All praises!!!

  76. Tabitha Baht Israel says:

    All praises TMH. I love this truth, IUIC is bringing it and you won’t get this on any other podcast! All praises.

  77. tehiyya says:

    All praises to the most high wonderful teaching from the prophets of god!

  78. Yawan Ben Israel says:

    All I have to say is WOW!! Part 1 was great but Part 2 brought it all together!

  79. solomon yashiv ben israel says:

    Great lesson all praises

  80. This is the best message I’ve ever experienced! True men of The Most High, keep it up Bishops, Elders, Deacons and leadership!!

  81. AzaraBI says:

    All praises to the Most High for this truth!

  82. Jerahmeel-Nahshon Ben Israel says:

    These men are the true men of God! The best teaching EVER

  83. This truth is the real deal , the twelve tribes are going to wake up , All Praises to the Most High for the IUIC Leadership Shalom My Israel Family

  84. Yahn Israel says:

    All Praises to the Most High and Christ! “Christianity vs Radical Islam Part 2” once again a episode of truth.. showing our peole the proper breakdown of the holy scriptures….

    Keep them Coming!

  85. Denise Hopes says:

    All praises ; something about the bible without the myths and fairies..pure history and facts

  86. Zemora Y'Israel says:

    Wow! so edifying. Love to hear more about the truth!!

  87. Mikha'el Israel says:

    All Praises to The Most High that the truth is continuing to reach Israel.

  88. All Praises for this understanding.

  89. Yaira Israel says:

    All praises to TMH! Episode 2 is on point as expected!

  90. Chaaniya B. says:

    Great lesson as usual

  91. chaazaq says:

    great class all praises

  92. Shamar says:


  93. Eliana Baht Israel says:

    All praises…. Israel waking up… Esau your time is up…

  94. Brother Zakaryah Ban Yasharal says:

    brothers, this was an eye-opening lesson. please keep bringing out this truth.

  95. shamir eliab Ben israel says:

    Shalom Israel all praises tmh . This truth it’s coming out. They ain’t stopping us.

  96. Amaliyah Bath Yasharal says:

    My husband and I thoroughly enjoy these episodes, brothers, All praises!

  97. Aaron ben israel says:

    All praises to The Most High God of Israel for raising up judah to bring the truth to their brothers.

  98. Z Israel says:

    All praises!

  99. Zephaniah says:

    Much needed edification for our people!

  100. All Praises to Our Bishops & Elders who have Pioneered in the Bible truth to confound these lies that are placed in the minds of our People, This is great .

  101. Bina Israel says:

    All praises to The Most High!

  102. Kiwanda Robinson says:

    The truth shall set you free. I pray for our prophets every single day please. Please continue to spread the word.

  103. Thank God for these wise men of IUIC!!!!

  104. Chana Bahtia Israel says:

    Awesome lesson Bishop, All praises to the Most High, Israel is waking up!!!!!

  105. Yaban Malkishua ben Israel says:

    In order to clear up the confusion of who your brother is, we must see clearly of who our enemies are…
    Looking forward to the rest of the Classes!

  106. Lael Baht Israel ATL says:

    Best Podcast EVER! All praises to the MH for this truth!

  107. Uzziel Levi says:

    The truth is here i still cant believe how much the world is a lie

  108. Yakiyn Ben Israel says:

    I don’t know where I would be if it were not for this word. The truth shall definitely make you free.

  109. Officer Liam Judah says:

    Great episode, If you hear these episodes and still feel this is hate, your a lost soul

  110. Azriel Ben Israel says:

    Very Edifying. We must push this truth to all he children of the slave trade, so they may finally understand who they are and return to The Most High in righteousness

  111. Mahalaleel says:

    These podcast that IUIC have are very informative pieces of infomation!

  112. Gabriela Baht Israel says:

    Beautiful, full of understanding. All Praises

  113. Gabriella Benjamin Isael says:

    This word truly sheds a light in all dark places! All Praises!

  114. BáchanJudah says:

    All praises to TMH

  115. Reuben Elijah Ben Israel says:

    All praises to Most High for are Leadership MHICB

  116. Uriel Israel says:

    Truth after truth after truth… All praises to TMHNC… IUIC podcast clearing all cobwebs.. Luke 7v23- and blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me

  117. Checed Baht Israel says:

    All praises to the Most High for wholesome family teaching…. No lies, no sugar coating the truth and just the plain truth to set our minds free.

  118. Ahava says:

    All praises to the MOST HIGH GOD!…am proud to know that I am apart of the peculiar Race .. GOD chosen people

  119. jonathan says:

    What are u going to do now that the prophets bringing out the truth. Iuic representing the king all praises tmh.

  120. Soldr Ra'an an says:

    Great listen.. and very compelling knowledge that these men of the Lord displays.

  121. Amyel Ben Israel says:

    You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you.. Favorite so Call Christians verse. Well! this the Truth we are the Chosen.

  122. Ezekiel says:

    We are living in the greatest time on earth. The truth has set blacks, latinos, native american indians free from ignorance. Israel rise!

  123. Seth Ben Israel says:

    Another great podcast really take the time to see how the scriptures line up even today. Fascinating!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. Gedaliah Ben Israel says:

    It’s amazing how they break down the scriptures,
    the bible clearly destroys the LIE that is CHRISTIANITY!

  125. Isaias ben Israel says:

    Shalom mhncb!!, You can learn the truth with

  126. phinehas Israel says:

    Oh man my whole life I have not known truth but illusion of it

  127. Gil-Ad says:

    All Praise to the most High for giving us the truth.

  128. Best podcast channel hands down is IUIC podcast get hip

  129. House Of Sameyach Ben Israel says:

    All Praises to the Leadership this truth getting out there one way or the other Thank You for all of your hard work MHNCBU All!!!

  130. Uriah says:

    Men of the MOST HIGH GOD teaching the bible.

  131. Shemariyah Israel says:

    Keep theses episodes coming theirs nothing better than learning knowledge of self.

  132. Reu Chayil says:

    Tearing down lies one by one.

  133. Karmel Nisa Baht Israel says:

    All praises to The Most High! Such a great podcast! Most High in Christ bless all at IUIC!

  134. Noya Israel says:

    Very Edifying, great class full of such amazing knowledge of our people Thank you for these lessons. All praises To The Most High Shalom

  135. Zakar says:

    Christianity has deceived our people

  136. izar Ben Israel says:

    Keep this knowledge comming

  137. We need more of these lessons!!!! They break down all the illusions and lies we’ve been taught for years!!!!

  138. Aleeza Israel says:

    All praises to The Most High.

  139. Nesta Martin says:

    All praises thank you brothers.

  140. Tabitha says:

    All praises TMH! Israel wake up!

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